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Want employees to stick around? Meet their workplace needs
Illustration by Justin Alm

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Want employees to stick around? Meet their workplace needs

In order for workplaces to be productive and positive, leaders must address and satisfy the five needs of humans at work.

At the very essence of being human is our ability to work together — our passion to help each other get things done. We instinctually gather in groups, clarify our collective goal, and organize ourselves to get work done. Together.

Humans have five needs in the workplace

Workplaces are about people working together in an organized way pursuing a common goal. In workgroups like this, each human has five basic needs that must be satisfied in order for them to be an engaged group member:


Leaders must address these five needs to retain and engage their people

Great leaders have always addressed the five human workplace needs. Interestingly, they map 1:1 to purpose, culture, clarity, recognition, and trust — the five organizational needs for a healthy, connected, and engaged workplace:


Great workplaces look after these five human needs. Address them well and your retention rates will soar, innovation will nucleate, and customers will smile.

Helping leaders meet these needs

Jostle’s People Engagement® platform is designed from the ground up to help organizations address the five human needs in the workplace. And to help every employee feel an important part of an extended team accomplishing things together. We’re delivering employee engagement rates of over 85%, as measured across all our customers.

Want a more engaged team?

Let us show you how!


Brad Palmer

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