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Five for Friday: Career resolutions and goals

The start of the year is typically a time for new resolutions and goals. However, the majority of these fail within a few short weeks. Five for Friday this week takes a closer look at career-based resolutions - if they're worth the effort, and how to make them attainable.

10 ways to get employees to read your newsletter

Whether you're in a specific communications role or in a leadership position, chances are you've experienced the frustration of communicating information to employees. The key is to ensure that information reaches the right audience, at the right time, and is actually read. Here are 10 tips to get this right with your company newsletter.

Five for Friday: Interviewing candidates

Job interviews are an important part of the hiring process. This meeting gives employers the chance to do a little digging and find out the suitability of potential employees. Five for Friday this week uncovers how employers can get the most out of interviews.


Want to grow fast? Become a digital workplace early

Rapid growth can be challenging for many organizations. Lean thinking can overcome internal barriers to growth by implementing a series of small improvements. Introducing digital tools, such as a great intranet, is one way to make such continuous improvement possible. Read on to learn what this looks like in practice.

Five for Friday: Workplace inspiration

Today’s Five for Friday is all about inspiration in the workplace. We've gathered a few great articles with ideas to help you inspire and be inspired.

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