Best of leadership [Recap]

By Faye Wai

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Best of leadership [Recap]

Building trust and fostering growth in your direct reports fall under the responsibility of any leader. Yes, it's a challenging job to master. So let’s hear from these experts on how to hone your leadership skills and support the emotional wellness of your employees. 

In today's episode, we revisit our conversations about leadership with industry professionals, some of whom are founders, CEOs, and consultants. Listen to learn more about the best of leaders and their strategies. Let’s get to it! 

In today's episode, we look back on the insights from our expert guests, including:

Anthony Vaughan

Founder, E1B2 Collective

Jeff Melnyk
Founding Partner, Within People

Laurie Bennett
Founding Partner, Within People

Lisa Fain
CEO, The Center for Mentoring Excellence

Bruno Cignacco 

Training Consultant, Human Oriented Enterprise


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