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Leadership Conversation Series: Deb Lavoy

2 min read

Leadership Conversation Series: Deb Lavoy

Deb Lavoy talks about Jostle and the Future of Marketing...

Originally posted by Barb at Digital Tech Diary.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to meet (virtually) a very smart women – Deb Lavoy. At the time I was working as Managing Editor of CMSWire and we were hunting for great voices with unique perspectives on the industry. Deb has grown to become one of CMSWire’s best columnists and I never tired reading/editing her work, in fact, I learned things I’m not sure I would have learned otherwise.

This week Deb took on the role of VP Marketing for the Canadian Cloud-based Intranet company Jostle.me. I won’t say I’m surprised because Deb is the kind of person who believes strongly in what enterprises can be if they employ the right strategies and technologies, and according to Jostle’s post on the hire they needed someone like Deb to help them build their enterprise presence.

“Lavoy shares our passion for helping leaders enable their people and create vibrant workplaces. She will help us communicate how our new kind of enterprise software quickly delivers aligned organizations and engaged employees,” said Brad Palmer, Jostle CEO.

I jumped at the opportunity to talk to Deb about this new path in her career. To say she’s not excited about what’s ahead of her is an understatement. In our chat, Deb talks about who Jostle.me is and her role with the company. We also talk a bit about marketing. So take roughly 16 minutes and listen in. (Note: Deb mentions one of her articles in the video – here’s a link to that: Collaboration Isn’t Working: What We Have Here is a Chasm)

About the Author

Barb is the Chief Editor of DigitalTechDiary. She is the former VP, Editorial for CMSWire, a digital magazine focused on customer experience,, social business and information management. Barb worked at an IT Architect, developer and project manager for ten years, which gives her a keen understanding of how technology can support business strategies. You can reach her at barb@digitaltechdiary.com.

About Jostle's Leadership Conversation Series

At Jostle we recognize the importance of leadership in making social collaboration work inside of organizations. In fact, we are so passionate about it that we sought out some of the top social CIO’s in North America to participate in a Jostle Blog series that focuses on the challenges and successes of applying social tools. We are happy to share these success stories with you and we hope it inspires the social champion in all of you. If you know a Social CIO you feel should be included in this series, please contact us at CIO@jostle.me. There is no requirement that they be using the Jostle People Engagement® platform.

Kelly Batke

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