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Five for Friday: Workplace inspiration

Posted by Bev Attfield | 1 min read


Today’s Five for Friday is all about inspiration in the workplace. Being an inspiring leader or generating a mindset of inspiration in your organization isn't always easy to accomplish. Fortunately there are many resources that detail why inspiration is important and help people be inspired and inspiring in the workplace. We've gathered a few great articles with ideas you can put into practice right away.

  1. Why inspiration matters according to @sbkaufman via @HarvardBiz.
  2. A neat infographic by @switchandshift makes the connection between inspired workers and engagement.
  3. @businessdotcom writes about three scientifically proven ways to inspire your team.
  4. @gwenmoran shares five keys to inspiring leadership regardless of your style via @Entrepreneur.
  5. Inspiring your employees can bring your team to greater heights offers @Jonwestenberg.


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