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Five for Friday: Servant leadership
Illustration by Tiffany Tsai

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Five for Friday: Servant leadership

In today's Five for Friday, we take a closer look at the world of servant leadership.

Say goodbye to command-and-control style leadership, and welcome the warm embrace of servant leadership. This humble style of leadership turns the traditional model on its head—the CEO considers themselves a servant to everyone "below" them. It can have some powerful results. This weeks Five for Friday explains more. 

  1. @LeadershipNow explains how to move from power-based leadership to servant leadership. 
  2. Jostle gives a window into why people love servant leadership.
  3. @kenblanchard shows what servant leadership looks like in action.
  4. This Seeking Wisdom podcast episode gives examples of how @Drift lives servant leadership.
  5. @ThomasSmale explains how servant leadership can help your startup succeed.

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Hannah Price

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