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Five for Friday: Productivity in the workplace

Posted by Bev Attfield | 1 min read


Do you struggle with how much you accomplish each day that has a meaningful impact on people, goals, or business success? Or perhaps you simply feel that you never have enough time to get everything done. The modern workday bombards us with meetings, deadlines, emails, and other distractions that threaten our productivity. In today's Five for Friday we look at five ideas on how to get more out of each day in the workplace.

  1. @StephanAarstol talks about the impact on productivity with his decision to move @TowerPB to a five-hour work day in this piece for @FastCompany.
  2. Ryan Fuller, CEO of @VoloMetrix, looks at the paradox of workplace productivity: enterprise productivity is different than just the sum of personal productivity.
  3. 15 everyday habits that will transform your productivity from @StephanieVozza in @FastCompany.
  4. Seven insights from psychology known to boost productivity from @thebizguy via @Entrepreneur.
  5. @wrike offers 10 tips to make your team more productive in their fun infographic published by @switchandshift.


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