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Five for Friday: Leadership and Trust
Illustration by Grey Vaisius

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Five for Friday: Leadership and Trust

This week's Five for Friday takes a closer look at the role trust plays in good leadership.

Leadership and trust go hand in hand, each informing and influencing the other. In many ways trust is the foundation of effective leadership: if your people don’t trust that you have their best interests in mind, they might have trouble believing in your vision, and they may not come to you when they need help. This week’s Five for Friday rounds up five articles that take a closer look at why trust is so important to good leadership.

1. Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman looked at data from the 360 assessments of 87,000 leaders, and identified three key elements that trust is built on.

2. Nadidah Coveney, writing in Forbes, lists five helpful tips for building trust as a leader.

3. Marla Gottschalk explains how trust in leadership creates a ripple effect on employee engagement across your whole organization.

4. Hannah Price precisely maps out how leaders and employees can build trust through their behavior and actions.

5. Theodore Kinni interviews the chairman of JetBlue Joel Peterson, who explains how a high-trust culture makes for a better company (and life).

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