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Five for Friday: Mar 18, 2016 / Leadership

Posted by Bev Attfield | 1 min read


Leadership thinking has changed considerably in the last decade, and our insights into what works is constantly improving. Here are five recent articles on how to improve leadership in your organization:

  1. Confident leaders inspire creativity. (@PsychScience)
  2. 5 leadership lessons: what if the rules to winning were different than you thought? (@LeadershipNow)
  3. New research suggests the secret to developing effective leaders is to encourage four types of behavior. (@McKinsey)
  4. Modernizing leadership practices. (@TemkinGroup)
  5. How Twitter Co-Founder Ev Williams became a better leader. (@lindsayblakely / @Inc)

Five for Friday is a weekly snapshot of ideas, research, and leading thinking around the web on the topics of corporate culture, internal communication, employee engagement, teamwork, and building better workplaces. Share, connect, and enjoy!

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