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Five for Friday: Imaginative Leadership

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Five for Friday: Imaginative Leadership

Leaders with a strong imagination are equipped to deal with the unexpected and steer their organizations down the right path.

Effective leadership depends on a combination of commonly cited skills and characteristics, like trustworthiness, empathy, and great communication. But perhaps the most overlooked trait that great leaders possess is a strong sense of imagination. Imaginative leaders are able to approach unforeseen problems with creative solutions, find innovative ways to lead and develop teams, recognize talent in unexpected places, and can visualize what their organization might face far into the future.

The articles in this week’s Five for Friday are all about imaginative leadership: what it entails, how it benefits teams and organizations, and why it’s a must-have ingredient for thought leaders, visionaries, and innovators alike. Imagine that!

1. @AustCorpExec‘s David Harrison offers a great rundown of the power of imagination in leadership.

2. @LeadershipNow explains how imaginative leadership works in this review of Brian Paradis’s book, Lead with Imagination.

3. @lysapreneur argues that creativity is the most important leadership quality.

4. Writing in @Forbes, Greg Satell contends that leaders need to unlock their imagination and creativity in order to meet the demands of business today.

5. @yec explains what makes a true thought leader. (Spoiler alert: it’s creativity!)


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Corey Moseley

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