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Five for Friday: Becoming a new leader

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Five for Friday: Becoming a new leader

In today's Five for Friday we look at the challenges of entering a company at a management or leadership level.

Joining a company at a management or leadership level comes with a host of unique challenges. Not only do you have to learn the ins and outs of the organization, you also need to lead a group of people who are completely unfamiliar with you and your work style. How do you accrue respect, put your team at ease, and produce good work? Here are a few articles to help you along the way.

  1. @BruceTulgan gives four simple and actionable recommendations
  2. @CarolynOHara1 tells us what to do at the outset to ensure your team is aligned.
  3. Here's a very thorough exploration of new leadership from @Wikimedia.
  4. According to @GlennLlopis, it all comes down to trust. Here are five ways for a manager to earn it (BONUS: view our recent blog article on the same topic).
  5. Want a day-by-day plan for the first week? Hit the ground running with advice from @SrExecAdvisor.

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Hannah Price

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