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About Hannah Price

Five for Friday: Empathy

Empathy is an invaluable skill to have in the world of work. If you have the ability to see something from another person's perspective, you can resolve conflict, reduce stress, and succeed with customers. This week's Five for Friday has lots of material to help you develop this skill.

Improve employee engagement using recognition and reward

Recognizing and rewarding employees for their good work is a fundamental building block for an engaged workforce. But handing out bonuses and raises isn't always the best answer. This article explains effective ways to make your employees feel more valued, engaged, and committed to your workplace.

Five for Friday: Transparency

Transparency in the workplace is becoming more and more prevalent. Employees, stakeholders, and clients want to know about a company's overall mission and what's going on behind the scenes. In this week's Five for Friday, we explore how and why your company should be transparent.


Internal communication takes root at Woodland Trust

Woodland Trust is finding great success with the Jostle intranet - it is enriching their workplace culture and dramatically improving communication across the company. Read on for highlights from this new customer case study.

Five for Friday: Overworked

Are you overrun by your workload? Do you have too many emails to even read? Does your to-do list only ever grow, and never shrink? If so, you're probably overworked. This week's Five for Friday focuses on how to recognize this situation and how to improve it. 

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