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About Hannah Price

Gender-diversity: Does your workplace have what women want?

Don't have time to read Gallup's excellent report on American women in the workplace? Check out this nifty little article for some key nuggets of information. 


Five for Friday: Trust in the workplace

Trust is vital for a healthy and happy work environment. A team that lacks trust will see their collaboration, co-creation, and constructive feedback dwindle. This week's Five for Friday focuses on the importance of trust and how to establish it at work.  


Jostle bags 2 awards and 95% customer satisfaction rating!

Jostle has received a 95% satisfaction rating on the popular review site, FinancesOnline. For our good work, we've also been awarded their 2017 Rising Star Award and 2017 Great User Experience Award.

Five for Friday: Bored at work

We all know what it's like to be bored at work - to stare at a clock as our energy, productivity, and creativity slip away. This week's Five for Friday is all about resolving this issue and banishing boredom for good. 


5 benefits of employee engagement software

The secret to employee engagement isn't free lunches and exercise classes; it's discovering what makes people feel valued and making that a priority. This article explains how software and technology can help improve employee engagement.

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