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Domino’s Pizza franchise reduces business costs with effective intranet

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Domino’s Pizza franchise reduces business costs with effective intranet

Find out how Domino's franchise, M&G Pizza Enterprises, is reducing business costs and employee turnover with an intranet.

After a period of rapid expansion, M&G Pizza Enterprises (a Domino’s Pizza franchise) realized that their inefficient communication was costing them. It was leading to misspent employee hours, inconsistent operations between locations, diluted information from leadership, and costly food waste. They needed a way to overcome all of these challenges—and found their answer in the Jostle® intranet.

Since implementing the Jostle intranet, M&G have seen great results. Their 650 employees are better informed and better connected, resulting in more efficient operations and a consistent quality of service for their customers.

Here's a small snapshot of some of the things they've achieved so far:

  • Reduced waste by connecting store managers to each other, and providing consistent and efficient training.
  • Reduced inefficient communication by bringing communication and important information into one reliable platform that everyone uses. This has left more time to accommodate a 20% year-to-date sales increase (compared to last year).
  • Reinforced people-focused culture to increase employee retention and engagement.
  • Decreased liability by increasing awareness of safety standards, policies, and

“We know our success is determined by people—not processes or procedures. The Jostle intranet has enabled us to dramatically impact our culture by reinforcing team member involvement and awareness. This focus directly translates into real ROI; and not only for the company, but for our team members too.”
Brent Medders
Founder and CEO

We're sincerely impressed with the progress that M&G has made in just 12 months, and are excited by the results they're seeing. If you want to find out more about M&G's success with the Jostle intranet, check out the full case study here.

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