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Even more reasons for using Discussions


Okay, so I admit it—I’m very partial to using Jostle's Discussions view as my go-to communications hub. And why shouldn’t I be? I mean, we’ve already explained:

And now there are even more reasons:

It’s sortable

Yes, the latest addition to Discussions is proof that even the littlest things can have the biggest impact. A “sort-by” feature has been added to the Action Bar at the top of the Discussions view. No longer do you have to scan up and down a list, forever looking for that one elusive chat.

With just one click, you can now sort all your Discussions alphabetically, reverse alphabetically, or by most-to-least recently active.

You can delete Direct Messages

While deleting a Direct Message isn’t something that’s recommended—because once you delete it, it’s completely removed for both participants—there are certain circumstances when it’s necessary. For instance, when your Direct Message participant leaves your organization.

Before, these inactive chats would just have to sit there, gathering dust, and taking up space. Now, a click of the gear icon in the upper right corner followed by a swift selection of “Delete Direct Message” helps get the job done and nicely cleans up your Discussions view, ensuring that it always stays relevant and up-to-date.

Two great new features, one multipurpose view. If you haven’t jumped on the Discussions bandwagon yet, there’s no better time than right now.