Quality leadership with Sean Patton

By Bev Attfield

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Quality leadership with Sean Patton

Learning about leadership on the front lines of armed conflict is an extreme way to get clear on what matters when leading people. As a former US Army Special Forces Commander, Sean Patton understands what it means to be a quality leader because his life (and those around him) depended on it.

Being a quality leader means taking a whole-person approach. In the average workplace on any given day, it may not feel mission-critical to be a quality leader. But, Sean believes we need to think about quality leadership as the determining factor in a business thriving or failing.

In this episode of People at Work, Sean talks about how he’s adapted his military experience into the corporate world. He outlines what he believes quality leaders need to embody, and why each of us needs to be a quality leader in every aspect of our lives, all the time. 

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“Quality leadership is whole person leadership.”

Sean Patton

Leadership Coach, Stronger Leaders Stronger Profits


Sean helps clients create more fulfilling and profitable futures through mindset mastery and servant leadership development. He’s a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and 2019 Masters World Champion!







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