Retaining and managing young professionals with Molly Bruttomesso

By Bev Attfield

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Retaining and managing young professionals with Molly Bruttomesso

You don’t often hear gratitude for younger generations at work. But I say thank goodness for their fresh perspectives, desire for transparency, and constant desire to better themselves and their circumstances. This will ultimately make workplaces and leaders better.

But how do we retain and manage young people against the context of The Great Resignation, so that they stay with us and add to our workplace cultures and their own growth? 

Molly Bruttomesso thinks about this every day. At Wunderkind, she’s building a culture that accepts that people don’t stay as long as they used to. Instead of bemoaning this, Molly and her team are structuring the way they work to embrace the best of everyone, and help prepare them for their next best thing.

In this episode of People at Work, Molly talks about how this involves intentional career pathing, robust values alignment, learning opportunities, asking for ideas, and acting on feedback… and much more. 

Most of us are challenged with the revolving door of people at the moment. If you want to hear some down to earth actions on how to keep people, even for the shortest time, take a listen. You’ll also want to take a look at your culture and make sure that it’s not hastening people out the door. Molly has some tips for that too.

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“Get really comfortable with the reality of how long people will be with you.”

Molly Bruttomesso

SVP, Customer Success, Wunderkind


Molly leads the Customer Success and Client Partnerships teams that drive extreme value and maximum performance across the 350+ E-commerce clients. Molly began the movement of the rock t-shirt and blazer as the new tech casual. Move over gray t-shirts.


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