Why and how to have stay interviews with Angie Bergner

By Bev Attfield

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Why and how to have stay interviews with Angie Bergner

How do you know what people feel about working in your organization? Better question still, when was the last time you asked them? I’m not talking about annual engagement or pulse surveys. Those might have their place, but they’re not the tool to truly get to grips with what’s going on for people in your organization.

The best way to do that is through stay interviews. Angie Bergner has been conducting quarterly stay interviews with every employee at Veris Insights long before the pandemic. It’s her most critical lever to understanding how people are doing at an individual level, as well as what’s emerging as issues or victories at the team and organization levels.

Angie joins me on People at Work to share why and how she does stay interviews. This is an excellent primer on key components, things to consider, lessons learned, and most importantly, how to use what you hear to take action.

While stay interviews aren’t going to solve every problem (or stop people from leaving), you’ll get ahead of things by knowing what’s going on, and being honest about what you can improve. Regardless of how long people stay with your company, it’s the experience they have while they’re there that counts. For that to be positive, open communication is critical.

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“Stay interviews are the most important level to nurture open communication.”

Angie Bergner

VP, People & Business Operations, Veris Insights


Angie is a people leader committed to bettering the world of work at all levels. Her approach to coaching, whether individuals or organizations, is to unlock everyone’s growth mindset. Angie approaches every person, session, and workshop through the lens of DEI and the lens of long-term impact.


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