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Trust is essential for remote companies says Gonçalo Silva

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Trust is essential for remote companies says Gonçalo Silva

Gonçalo Silva explains how trust is key in creating an effective remote team.

When a podcast guest says “This isn’t a fairytale”, I buckle up because I know we’re in for an interesting and useful conversation.

In today’s People at Work episode, Gonçalo Silva, CTO at Doist, tells the story of this fully remote company’s growth and culture journey over the past decade. 

Even though Doist is doing a lot right, there are still obstacles in their way and a team to take care of from afar. Oh, and did I mention they’ve also had to adapt to cope during the pandemic? Granted, they’ve had a head start with the remote work gig, but the struggle has been real for them too.

The hero in the story is trust. Everything they do, how they work, how they make decisions, centers on trust. The success of their asynchronous, remote, fully distributed team depends on this.

This interview is real and refreshing, with many insights that can help those of us adapting our workforces to fully remote or hybrid arrangements. Give it a listen and let me know how you enjoyed the ride.

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“Trust the people you’re working with.”

Gonçalo Silva

CTO, Doist


Gonçalo is the CTO of Doist, working remotely on Todoist and Twist. He’s obsessed with building the future he wants to work in, where location is irrelevant to being part of a highly productive team. He loves to work odd hours, but wonders if there’s even such a thing within a fully distributed team.

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