Release Notes

Meticulous Release

(build 44.13.39)

Special release

Aside from the usual fixes and improvements, the majority of features in this release will be used to lay the groundwork for future advancements. As such, there are no customer-facing features to highlight for this release.


                     INCLUDES  64 bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


From the Developer's Dictionary:

M is for meticulous - showing great attention to detail; very careful and precise.

Lint Release

Released 2020 Sep 11 (build 44.12.16)

Self registration link

System Administrators can now add new users by sending them a link that enables them to register their own user information, and then be securely added via email confirmation.

This method removes the need for a System Admin to set up a new user’s account prior to sending them an invite. All they need to do is send the link to their users. NOTEself registration emails cannot be auto-generated, so System Admins will have to copy-paste the link into emails that they create and send themselves.

This feature and link can be enabled in Admin Settings > User accounts and data > Enable self registration.


                     PLUS  39 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


From the Developer's Dictionary:

L is for lint (software) –a tool that analyzes source code to flag errors, bugs, and suspicious constructs

Keen Release

Released 2020 Aug 27 (build 44.11.21)

Search improvements

All Users: The Search format used in Jostle's mobile app has now been brought to the desktop version of the platform. This results in a cleaner UI (hints no longer obscure the results list), quicker access to DMs and other follow-up actions, and a more consistent Search experience across devices.


                     PLUS  46 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


From the Developer's Dictionary:

K is for keen astute; interested or eager; wonderful or excellent

Jargon Release

Released 2020 Aug 13 (build 44.10.15)

Locations: CSV import/export

System Administrators now have the option to import/export their Locations information via CSV in Admin Settings > Filters and badges > Configure Official Locations. This will help avoid issues with duplication and other inconsistencies and make the overall management of Locations much easier.


                     PLUS  41 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


From the Developer's Dictionary:

J is for jargon special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand.

Irony Release

Released 2020 July 29 (build 44.9.17)

User status

All Users can now let people know at-a-glance when and why you're unavailable. Just click the "Set user status" link under your name in the Main Navigation, choose an appropriate status (or make your own) and then select the duration to have it active. Note—it may take up to 90 seconds for an updated status to be reflected for all connected users.

Your status will appear on your Profile card, and will also be indicated by a custom emoji found on your photo in People as well as next to your name throughout the platform. When others hover over your emoji, it'll reveal your status as a tool tip. 


System Admins can enable/disable this feature in Admin Settings > User Profiles


Events: Improvements

All Users: On Events notices, the “Add to calendar” and “Set reminder” links have been moved up to the RSVP section and the reminder now offers better options, including “15 minutes before” the event.

Events Admins: The “Download guestlist” link has moved to a more prominent location the action bar at the top of the screen, next to the Edit link.


News: Bulk unpin articles

News Admins: In News > Manage > Published, News Reporters and Editors now have the option to bulk unpin articles from their News view.


                     PLUS  54 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


From the Developer's Dictionary:

I is for irony when something that appears to be the case (or is expected to happen), differs radically from what actually is the case (or does happen).

Heuristic Release

Released 2020 July 23 (build 44.8.3)

Tasks: Duplicate a task to many users

All Users: Tasks users can now create many new tasks at once by duplicating an existing task. While duplicating, simply select the people or groups you want included, and each individual in that target will be sent their own task.

Tasks dupe


News: Improved attachments

All Users: Clicking on a News Article attachment, will now open it in-platform with the Jostle Viewer, instead of in a new browser tab. Users will also initially be given the option to download the attachment or just view it.


News: Published Items 'Download CSV' renamed

News Admins: To provide clearer context and better understanding, the "Download CSV" link on the Published Items screen in News has been renamed to the more transparent "Export metrics".


                     PLUS  54 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


From the Developer's Dictionary:

H is for heuristic – Using a Computer Science problem-solving technique in which the most appropriate solutions, out of several found by alternate methods, are selected at successive stages of a program.

Grok Release

Released 2020 July 02 (build 44.7.17)

Library: Category improvements

All Users: When you click on a Category in your Library, its Volumes will now be displayed in the main view instead of just the side panel, making it easier to find what you're looking for.


Library: Updated action bar

All Users: The action bar at the top of Library has been updated to our current design standards, making it consistent with other views and providing better context of what is being viewed.

Librarians: The "Add New" feature has been updated as well and is now indicated by the “+” icon.


                     PLUS  58 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


From the Developer's Dictionary:

G is for grok – to understand thoroughly and intuitively

Filo Release

Released 2020 June 19 (build 44.6.19)

Events subscription for personal calendars

All Users can now subscribe their Events to their Google, Outlook, or Apple (Mac) calendar, so that anything visible in Events will be visible in their personal calendar. Each synced calendar event will include the details of the event (name, location, time, description) as well as a link back to the original notice in Events. NOTE—completing your RSVP or any other action must be done in Events and cannot be done from your personal calendar.


System Administrators will need to turn this feature on (by clicking the gear icon in Events and selecting "Enable calendar subscriptions") before users will see the "Subscribe to calendar" option in their Events view.

For more information, see this article in our Support Center.


                     PLUS  42 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


From the Developer's Dictionary:

F is for filo – in computer science, FILO stands for the order in which objects are accessed: "First In, Last Out"

Etymology Release

Released 2020 June 04 (build 44.5.37)

Discussions: Improved file uploads (already arrived)

All Users: Attaching large files to comments in Discussions has now become much quicker. Users can also post their comments while the attachment is still in progress as well as navigate to another chat or view without canceling the upload.

Discussions: Paste images directly from clipboard (already arrived)

All Users: Images copied to your clipboard can now be pasted directly into a Discussion’s input field. This will automatically upload an image without needing to save it first.

Discussions: Emoji keyboard

All Users: Users can now easily add emojis to their comments in Discussions. When creating a comment, users can pull up an emoji keyboard via the emoji icon that appears right in the input field, next to the attachment icon.

Note—this feature is unavailable in IE browsers. Also, it will not be added to the mobile app, which already incorporates your mobile device's native emoji keyboard.

Tasks: Overdue indications

All Users: Tasks users will now be able to tell at-a-glance when they are late in completing a task, as its due date shown on the Tasks list will turn red. Once the task is completed, the date will revert to grey.

Teams: Improved importing of updates (CSV)

Chart Admins: It now takes significantly less time when importing updates to a Teams Chart via CSV.

Easier access to Org-wide Preferences

System Admins: The Org-wide Preferences screen can now be easily accessed via the Admin Settings action menu in the Main Navigation. Previously, System Admins could only access their Org-wide Preferences by going into My Preferences first.

                     PLUS  90 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


From the Developer's Dictionary:

E is for etymology – the origin of a word and the historical development of its meaning

Didactic Release

Released 2020 May 25 (build 44.4.34)

Tasks improvements

All Users: Tasks users will notice the following key improvements:

  • Files sub-view – provides easy, organized access to all attachments posted in a task’s timeline.
  • Due date notification – an automatic red dot notification (no email) in the Main Navigation for all collaborators on the day a task is due. A reminder note will also be generated in the timeline of the task to move it to the top of everyone’s Tasks list (which are sorted by most recent activity).
  • Description location – moved to the top of the task form for easier access and improved task clarity.

New name for Classifieds: Listings

The Classifieds view has been renamed Listings to better reflect the diverse purposes that orgs can use the view for (learn more). Orgs who have given this view a custom name will not have it changed, and orgs not currently using a custom name will have it remain that way, with "Classifieds" becoming their initial “custom name" for the view.

News: Reordering categories

News Editors: News categories can now be reordered using the drag-and-drop method and no longer need to be deleted and re-entered to be placed in a desired order.

Workflow change for manually deleting users

System Admins: To help prevent any errors when permanently deleting accounts, a user must now be disabled (via the Edit user screen) before their account can be manually deleted. In Admin Settings >  User accounts and data > Delete Disabled users, System Admins can then select which disabled user accounts they wish to permanently delete from their intranet.

NOTE—deleting users in bulk (via CSV) does not require that their accounts be disabled first.

UI updates

All Users/System Admins: To address the growing changes of the Jostle platform as well as provide more transparency overall, some notable changes have been made to the user interface:

  • Contributors will now be referred to throughout the platform and support content as users.
  • The main Admin Settings page has been cleaned up and reorganized to make it easier to use and understand.

Links: Default embedded link option for default view

System Admins: When choosing to set your intranet’s default view to Links, System Admins can now select a default embedded link to automatically open (NOTE—normally, it’s not good practice to default open your intranet to Links).

                     PLUS  88 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.


From the Developer's Dictionary:

D is for didactic – intended to teach; informative, instructional