Release Notes

Question Release

Released March 16, 2023 (build 46.17.30)

Special Release

Aside from the usual fixes and improvements, the majority of features included in Question will be used in preparation of future advancements. As such, there are no customer-facing features to highlight for this release.


TOTAL:  191 bug fixes, improvements, and enhancements.


Release cycle theme: Jostle: A to Z

Q is for Question

Did you know that while there are many notable questions to be found in popular culture, from Shakespeare ("To be or not to be?") to Se7en ("What's in the box?"), there aren't nearly as many notable "Questions"?  

So in honor of this release's themed name, what say we shine a light on a few of them right now?

The $64,000 Question

One of the top-rated tv shows of the 1950s, this was a quiz show where contestants attempted to win a jackpot by answering a series of questions in a specific category. With each correct answer, the jackpot would double in value until the contestant reached the final "$64,000 question". FUN FACT: If this show was made today and adjusted for inflation, it would be The $704,000 Question.

? and the Mysterians

"Question Mark" was the stage name of the lead singer of this 60s pop-rock back that scored a #1 hit on the Billboard charts with their debut single 96 Tears. FUN FACT: They were one of the first bands whose musical style was referred to as "punk rock".

The Question

This crimefighting DC Comics character is known for his signature outfit (a blue trench coat and fedora), and for sporting a featureless facemask that bonds to his skin, thus making his true identity a "question". FUN FACT: The Question was the inspiration for the character of Rorschach from Watchmen.

Plan Release

Released February 16, 2023 (build 46.16.15)

New data for Login Status & Method reports

The Login Status & Method report (available to System Admins in Admin Settings > Analytics) will now include columns for the following data: Location, Org Unit, and Custom Filter.


TOTAL:  134 bug fixes, improvements, and enhancements.


Release cycle theme: Jostle: A to Z

P is for Plan

Did you know that an an apronym is when a word is turned into an acronym, and the words constituting the acronym are related to or describe the acronym word itself? If that sounds a bit confusing, here are a few apronyms I put together for PLAN that should help make it a little more clear:

  • Project Layout And Notes
  • Preparing Later Actions Now
  • Procedural List, Arranged Neatly

Now, what does this have to do with anything? Well, not much, really. However, this method is a perfect way to present some of the plans I follow when creating the content for each Release Note's Did you know? feature. And by "plans" I mean PLANs, as in:

  • Profound Literary Anecdotes? Nope.
  • Philosophical Language? Absolutely Not.
  • Purposeful Learning? Almost None.
  • Pleasing, Likeable Aesthetic? Naturally.

It always pays to have a plan! 😉

Organize Release

Released February 6, 2023 (build 46.15.18)

Special Release

Aside from the usual fixes and improvements, most of the features included in Organize will be used to lay the groundwork for future advancements. As such, there are no customer-facing features to highlight for this release.


TOTAL:  48 bug fixes, improvements, and/or performance enhancements.


Release cycle theme: Jostle: A to Z

O is for Organize

Did you know that an old-timey definition of organize is: "to furnish with organs; to give an organic structure to; to endow with capacity for the functions of life"?

This puts a whole new perspective on how we use organize and it's related terms today. For example, with that definition in mind, you might say...

  • Frankenstein's monster is a pretty organized guy.
  • Evisceration can make you very disorganized.
  • Illegally experimenting with clones is an organized crime.
  • Heart, lung, or kidney transplants that are performed free of charge are non-profit organizations.

Quite frankly, it's all just blowing my mind. I may need to take a moment to, um...organize my thoughts. 👀

Navigate Release

Released January 9, 2023 (build 46.14.16)

Recommended and My Items lists added to Library

Two new system-managed lists have been added to Library:
  • Recommended will include any items visible to a user that have been marked as "Recommended" by their uploader(s).
  • My Items allows a user to see all the items for which they are the designated Contact.

Both lists join Recently Updated and My Favorites in Library's side navigation, directly below "Browse".

Attachment thumbnail improvements

To provide more transparency for attachments, the thumbnail generated for the preview when an image is uploaded to the platform will now be a scaled-down version of the original image instead of a zoomed-in version.


TOTAL:  77 bug fixes, improvements, and/or performance enhancements.


Release cycle theme: Jostle: A to Z

N is for Navigate

Did you know that when I was trying to figure what to write about in regards to the name of this release, the only thing I could think of was this lame joke:

   What do you call a scandalous conspiracy involving the alien race from the Avatar movies?


...aaaand that's it. (When I said it was the only thing I could think of, I was being VERY literal.)

Mention Release

(build 46.13.15)

Library: Dynamically-updating Info panels 

Previously, if you opened the Info panel for an item in Library and then selected a different item, the panel would keep displaying the first item's information.

Now, an open Info panel will dynamically update itself to show the appropriate information for whatever item is currently selected.


TOTAL:  65 bug fixes, improvements, and/or performance enhancements.


Release cycle theme: Jostle: A to Z

M is for Mention

Did you know that, originally, the "Honorable Mention" was an actual (military-based) award? However, it has since gone on to represent a person or work who could be deemed as a "runner-up" to receiving an award instead of a recipient.

So with the latter in mind, in honor of "mention" being selected as this release's name*, here are some honorable mentions of other Jostle-adjacent M words that didn't quite make the cut:

  • Monolith - the full name of our releases is actually "<release name>-mn" with the "mn" standing for "monolith". Calling this release "Monolith-monolith" might've made for some meta-style fun, but also some mega-sized confusion.
  • Matrix - I mean, the connection is kinda obvious: The Matrix is based on code and Jostle's platform is based code. Oh, wait - does that mean Jostle is the Matrix?! 👀
  • Meeting - Team meetings, 1:1 meetings, remote meetings, hybrid meetings, all hands meetings...Jostlers already live and breathe meetings, so clearly there wasn't a need to add yet another one to the mix, even if it was just in a representational manner.
  • Mystery - it's no mystery why "mystery" wasn't selected, because it's my personal suggestion and the word has nothing to do with Jostle. I just think it would be funny to publish release notes titled "Mystery Release" and then have it be nothing but rows of "?????" after. But apparently what I see as "funny", others see as "immature", "not helpful", and "frustrating". OH WELL.

* how is "mention" a Jostle-related word? Because our platform gives users the ability to tag others via an "@mention". 

Learn Release

Released December 5, 2022 (build 46.12.3)

Recently Updated list added to Library

Any Library item uploaded or modified within the past 30 days will now be included on your Library's "Recently Updated" list.

This list will appear alongside "My Favorites" in the side column and be displayed by default when first opening Library.

Support for "/" in Personal Pronouns fields

When configuring their pronoun preferences in the Personal Pronouns > Other field in their Profiles, users can now include a "/" (or any alternative character) to separate each value entered.

UserType added to Provisioning API

This update makes the various UserType options (Restricted, Semi-restricted, Regular, Shared) available in Jostle's User Provisioning API.


TOTAL:  152 bug fixes, improvements, and/or performance enhancements.


Release cycle theme: Jostle: A to Z

L is for Learn

Did you know that there was going to be a pop quiz in this edition of the Release Notes? I thought it was only appropriate, seeing as how this release is called "Learn". So, today's quiz is going to look at the concept of learning and how it has been represented across various forms of famous creative works...hey, wait - come back! It's not as bad as it sounds!

*Ahem* That was just my pretentious way of saying it's a quiz about songs, movie titles, and quotes that have "learn", or some variation thereof, in their titles. (Hey, I never said it was going to be a GOOD pop quiz).

Ready? Here we go! 

Part 1: Listen & Learn

Match the song (a-c) with its singer (1-3)

a) You Learn
b) I Learned From The Best
c) Learning To Fly

1) Tom Petty
2) Alanis Morissette
3) Whitney Houston

Part 2: Read & Learn

Which poet penned the famous phrase "A little learning is a dangerous thing"?

a) Pope
b) Coleridge
c) Wordsworth

Part 3: Watch & Learn

What Stanley Kubrick film had the secondary title "How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb"?

a) A Clockwork Orange
b) Full Metal Jacket
c) Dr. Strangelove

And that's it! Check your answers below to LEARN how you did.

(And if you don't end up doing well, at least you'll find out what the right answers are, which means you can say that you LEARNED something today! You're welcome.) 😉

ANSWERS - Part 1: a-2, b-3, c-1 Part 2: a Part 3: c

Kind Release

Released November 14, 2022 (build 46.11.30)

Search moved to Main Navigation

The Search feature (currently found in multiple locations throughout the platform), will be moving to a new, permanent slot in the Main Navigation, making it much more prominent and improving its overall accessibility.

Automatic updating for Item Contacts in Library

When a user is deleted from the platform, the ownership of any Library items they were the Item Contact for will automatically cycle to an applicable admin-level user, following this priority:

  • at the Volume level (Volume Librarian)
  • at the Category level (Category Librarian)
  • at the platform level (System Administrator)

In a situation where there is more than one applicable individual in a given level, the Item Contact will be assigned to whoever is listed first, alphabetically.


TOTAL:  96 bug fixes, improvements, and/or performance enhancements.


Release cycle theme: Jostle: A to Z

K is for Kind

Did you know that there are five kinds of "close encounter" UFO events?

Originally, author J. Allen Hynek only defined three kinds, but following the release of Steven Speilberg's hit 1977 film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, two more were unofficially added to the list. Here's how they break it all down:

The First Kind: Visual sighting of a UFO, up to 150m/500 feet away.

The Second Kind: A UFO event that causes a physical effect (disruption of electronic signals, scorched or flattened vegetation, etc).

The Third Kind: A UFO encounter in which another entity is observed inside/outside/near the UFO.

The Fourth Kind: An event where a human is abducted by a UFO or its occupants.

The Fifth Kind: A UFO event wherein direct communication between aliens and humans are made.

Well, that certainly does break down the levels of UFO encounters...but personally, I think "The Fifth Kind" of UFO events could benefit from some sub-classifications. Namely:

The Kind Kind: Direct communication with friendly aliens that results in you building a connection and gaining a deeper understanding of one another. (see: E.T., Starman, Galaxy Quest)

The Unkind Kind: Direct communication with unfriendly aliens that results in your enslavement, death and/or the destruction of your home, neighborhood, or cherished national landmarks (see: Predator, War of the Worlds, Independence Day)

There. MUCH better.

Journey Release

Released October 17, 2022 (build 46.10.27)

Improved search results when targeting content

When targeting content or using @mention in the platform, the predictive matches will now show the most relevant options at the top of the list.

Previously, these options would be displayed in a set order defined by type, which could result in the most relevant matches appearing further down the list, with less relevant matches surfacing above them.

Personal pronouns in Profiles

Profiles now provide users with the option to indicate their preferred personal pronouns. System Administrators can manage this option and its permission settings in Administration Settings > User Profiles > Configure User Profiles.




TOTAL:  185 bug fixes, improvements, and/or performance enhancements.



Release cycle theme: Jostle: A to Z

J is for Journey

Did you know any of these trivia tidbits about Journey? (...the rock band, not the Jostle release)

  • A real journeyman: Guitarist/vocalist Neal Schon is the only member to have been in every iteration of Journey, from the original line-up in 1973 to the present day.
  • Fan service: In 1984, Journey visited a terminally ill 16 year-old superfan and gave him a cassette of their then-unreleased track "Only The Young". After the fan's passing, the band opened every concert for the following year with that track, dedicated to him.
  • Cream of the crop: Of the 207 hits the Glee cast charted on Billboard's Hot 100, the biggest was their cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'", which peaked at #4 in 2009.
  • (Still) looking out for #1: Journey holds the distinction of being the band to chart the second-highest number of Top 40 hits (19) without ever having any reach #1 (right behind ELO, who have 20).
  • Winning the fame game:
    • 2007 - Journey receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
    • 2017 - Journey is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Innovate Release

Released September 22, 2022 (build 46.9.13)

Provisioning API additions

Jostle's User Provisioning API will now include support for the Custom Profile Field, User State (Active, Disabled, Suspended), and Invite for Authentication Method (Jostle, Google, SSO).

"Jostle Bot" name updated to "<Platform name> Bot" 

Customers who have given their platform a custom name will have their "Jostle Bot" (the internal user that performs automated platform functions) renamed to reflect their custom name instead of "Jostle". UPDATE: This feature will now arrive in the Journey release.



TOTAL:  77  bug fixes, improvements, and/or performance enhancements.



Release cycle theme: Jostle: A to Z

I is for Innovate


Do you know what drives a person to innovate?

Is it that undeniable feeling, perhaps called fate,
That puts someone in a certain state
And fills them with a need to create
New methods, ideas, and ways to relate?

Or do those who go on to innovate,
First experience, at an institution where they matriculate,
What it is to collaborate, and perhaps even co-create?
(Which are different things, as I once did state 😉)

And this sparks something, a desire innate
To do something more, beyond just "great"?
But to act upon this, they may still have to wait,
For even breakthrough advances need time to gestate.

But whatever their journey or output rate
What these people all share is a common trait.
They do not settle to simply imitate.
Instead, they reach and aspire and always demonstrate

That drive to explore and discover - in short, they innovate!


Help Release

Released September 6, 2022 (build 46.8.21)

Library: Improved actions and information

All Users: Options, menus, and info panels in Library have been updated to be more intuitive for users and provide more transparency on permission-based actions.



TOTAL:  91 bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.



Release cycle theme: Jostle: A to Z

H is for Help

Did you know that "SOS", the letters used in the international call for help, originally never stood for anything? Most people think they were derived from "Save Our Ships", but it's actually the other way around. "Save Our Ships" was added afterwards to give meaning to "SOS". And that's what makes "SOS" a backronym - an acronym formed by taking an already-existing word and expanding its letters to represent words of a phrase.

Back when telegraphs and Morse code were used to communicate across countries and overseas, operators choose "S-O-S" to indicate distress because the three short dots for "S" and three longer dashes for "O" made it an easy code to transmit and recognize. It was mostly likely due to the prominent use of Morse code by ships at sea that transmitting "S-O-S" became linked to nautical distress, such as ships that are in danger of sinking, and thus, the backronym was created.

Backronyms have become increasingly common over the years. Comic book creators in particular are very fond of them (it's practically a sub-genre at Marvel, whose fictional government agency "S.H.E.I.L.D." has been backronymed three different times over the years). But one of my favourite backronyms has to be the one coined by NASA. "Combined Operational Load-Bearing External Resistance Treadmill", is what they came up with to justify naming a treadmill on the International Space Station after late-night talk show host Stephen COLBERT.

Well played, NASA (...and here's to hoping we never have to re-backronym SOS to stand for "Save Our Spaceships").