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Darren Chait on the effect meetings have on your company culture

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Darren Chait on the effect meetings have on your company culture

How fewer meetings and open sharing of meetings notes are one of the secrets to Hugo's success.

Meetings. The bane of existence for many.

I get it.

We’ve all been in meetings that should have been an email. Or meetings where it’s someone just repeating numbers that could have easily been sent out as a video recording. But, how do you fix this problem and make the most out of your meetings?

I recently spoke with Darren Chait from Hugo about their limit of 4-hours of meetings per week, and how meetings (specifically, sharing meeting notes openly with your organization) can positively affect your culture.

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"Meetings have a disproportionate influence on culture, so if I really want to affect the culture of my company...meetings are a really easy place to start.”

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Darren Chait

Co-founder, Hugo


Darren is the co-founder and COO of Hugo, a connected meeting notes software, and solving some of the pain around meetings is a cause close to his heart. He’s a self-diagnosed coffee-snob, regularly forced to part with $6 for a cup of coffee to get him through his day.

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