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Let's celebrate! Why it's more important than ever
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Let's celebrate! Why it's more important than ever

It’s the end of the year, so take some time to acknowledge the hard work and celebrate your employees.

This year has been a tough test of resilience, and your company has likely been through some enormous challenges and changes. Hopefully, you’ve managed to reveal the strengths of your teammates as well as some hard-learned lessons of leadership and communication. 

Chances are you’ve been putting off the majority of your in-person events. But that doesn’t mean you need to hold off the opportunity to bring teams together and honor the positives that have come through. 

Here’s why celebration is important 

Recognition and gratitude

Did you know that celebrating achievements is an integral part of the productivity cycle? Leaders who take a moment to celebrate victories can reinforce what their teams are working towards collectively. It’s a chance to pause and reflect on success and accomplishments during these challenging times. 

Employees are often grateful when leaders take the time to offer a simple “thank you”. Whether it’s in the form of an anniversary party or a Zoom lunch, a culture of gratitude fills the air with unity and camaraderie. 

We spend a lot of time at work; let’s enjoy it 

Teams who learn and celebrate together take pride in the work they produce and have more fun! This helps foster loyalty and a sense of purpose within the organization. Celebrations are an opportunity for teams to get to know each other outside of work and a great way to bring everyone together from different departments, boosting company morale. 

People perform best when they feel confident and comfortable

Feeling appreciated and valued can do tons for self-esteem and uplifting moods. And this kind of recognition helps employees feel more connected to their work. We all know how when we’re personally invested in a cause, we’re more likely to focus and show up at our very best. Knowing that others value you can grant new perspectives on your contributions and encourage you to improve even more. 

Take a break to renew motivation

Employee appreciation is fundamental to retaining your top talent. We all understand that sometimes all it takes to rejuvenate is stepping away for a bit. When a big, exhausting project finally ends, it’s always a sweet touch to offer employees a quick break from the daily grind to revitalize that fire for the next one. The last thing we want is burnout after a successful project! 

Now that you know why you shouldn’t pause on celebrations this year, now’s the time to implement some positivity! 

Celebrate your employees with these ideas 

When is a good time to celebrate? 

Anytime! Whether it be mentioned privately or in a team setting, make sure to celebrate both big and small wins. An abundance of events can stimulate the inner joy of many achievements or milestones, including: 

  • Project completion 
  • Work and company anniversaries 
  • A new or departing teammate
  • Completing probation 
  • Meeting targets and quotas
  • A great customer review 
  • A breakthrough quarter 
  • Promotions or role changes 

Celebration doesn’t need to be extravagant and expensive 

Notice the little things and choose to reward helpfulness and curiosity. Do you have a teammate who just goes above and beyond to help others? This might be a time to offer a shout-out email or a quick mention during a department meeting. Not everything has to be celebrated on the company cruise! 

Thank you for...being specific

Employees regularly want to know that their skills and actions are valued. While small actions may not seem influential to the company’s overall performance, still take the time to praise a team member for the smallest of things—like offering up an idea,  proof-reading your article, or locating a file quickly. 

Sweet surprise! 

What’s better than some unexpected quality time? Carve out some time to cater lunch for the office or offer some extra paid time off as part of a recognition program. You can also offer movie tickets, local gift cards, or create an awards ceremony (inspired by The Office, of course). 

When it comes to recognizing employees during the festive season, try personalized, handwritten cards with why they’re fantastic. Company-branded hoodies would also be appropriate. With that in mind, of course we’re looking forward to having team lunches again! 


Celebrations might look a little bit different nowadays, but they’re arguably more crucial than ever. Even though in-person events might be restricted, now you know the innovative ways to show your employees why you’re thankful for them. Showing gratitude for the contributions they’ve made during the rocky times will only make the future brighter and better. 


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