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Five for Friday: Performance reviews
Illustration by Justin Alm

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Five for Friday: Performance reviews

Effective performance reviews are a key part of intra-company feedback. Here are five articles that discuss performance reviews in today's workplace.

As we think about improving workplaces and their human constituents, we know that performance management is important. Though effective performance management can contribute to improving employee performance, traditional employee reviews have not met a very high standard. There's been a lot of thought and discussion on this issue lately as companies are using data, peer reviews, and apps to replace the dreaded annual discussion. Here are five insights on the topic.

  1. This is a longer but very well written article researched by @McKinsey. It covers the past, present, and future of measuring employee performances. It compares automated versus manually entered data, peer review versus manager review, and the wisdom (and lack thereof) of focusing on pay for performance. 
  2. In this article by @clairezillman for @FortuneMagazine, IBM is reinventing its 10-year-old employee performance review process in favor of frequent app-based feedback.
  3. @bendattner wrote an article for @HarvardBiz that gives newer managers tips on how to most effectively have a performance feedback discussion
  4. Performance management isn't just for big companies. In this @firstround article, one CEO is adapting Google's approach to employee reviews for startups. 
  5. There are now algorithms that can predict police misconduct. Will this humanize or dehumanize work? Is this a good idea or is the value in the intention of the manager? Here's a fascinating story about data, culture, and humanity in @FiveThirtyEight by @No_Little_Plans


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