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Five for Friday: Gratitude

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Five for Friday: Gratitude

Gratitude in the workplace is invaluable. This Five for Friday article explains why.

Thanking people for their work is invaluable (even if what they've done "is just part of their job"). Genuine gratitude boosts happiness and productivity. These five articles explain why (and how) you should start showing thanks at your organization.

  1. Here's the science behind gratitude and why it's so important from @FastCompany.
  2. @bonusly has 17 real-life examples of workplace recognition in action
  3. Not sure thanks are appropriate at work? @lindseypollak has some words of advice
  4. @GreaterGoodSC says cultivating a culture of gratitude starts at the top. 
  5. The reason your boss doesn't say thank you? It's their caveman brain, says @Forbes.

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Hannah Price

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