25 employee satisfaction survey questions

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25 employee satisfaction survey questions
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Employee satisfaction is precisely what the name suggests—a measure of how happy employees are with their jobs and the organization as a whole.

It goes without saying that satisfied employees will likely be more productive and focused, have better morale, and be more dedicated and committed to their work. They also have high engagement levels, which, in turn, promote a positive work culture. 

Employees are the backbone of a successful business and a valuable asset for a company. Your business can’t successfully achieve its goals or progress toward growth without a motivated workforce.

Therefore, it’s imperative for companies to measure employee experience, and one way to do that is through employee satisfaction surveys. 

Why do employee satisfaction surveys matter?

An employee satisfaction survey is a standard tool used by companies and organizations to measure the satisfaction levels among their employees. It typically features a series of questions that help you identify problems and issues your employees might be experiencing in the workplace and offer deep insights into how they feel about the overall work culture and environment. 

This will further help you highlight significant pain points and take appropriate action or implement the right solutions to boost satisfaction, motivation and engagement among your employees.

It is crucial for companies to understand the significance of employee satisfaction surveys, why they matter so much, and reasons to conduct them multiple times a year.

First and foremost, it is almost impossible for unsatisfied and demotivated employees who aren’t happy with any aspect of the organization to become fully productive. They can also turn toxic with time due to their unhappiness, which can adversely affect the workplace environment and the morale levels of the other employees. 

Secondly, carrying out these surveys regularly will keep you updated, allow you to monitor employee productivity and satisfaction regularly, and enable you to take suitable measures at the right time.

Organizations and companies have long used employee experience surveys to measure employee satisfaction. They are their go-to method to understand employee behavior, monitor their achievements, and evaluate their overall performance and morale.

These surveys have numerous benefits to offer, such as they:

  • Open lines of communication by giving employees a chance to voice their opinion and feedback
  • Identify potential problems among employees 
  • Provide direct employee feedback, which can be quantified to make adjustments and improvements
  • Help address concerns and take effective measures immediately 
  • Help reduce employee turnover rates and boost employee retention rates

What to include in your survey

When drafting an employee satisfaction survey for your organization, you should include various questions regarding various aspects of the workplace, such as the work culture, overall environment, management, work-life balance, the actual job, etc.

You should be honest and transparent with your questions to generate the same kind of employee feedback. 

25 questions for your next employee satisfaction survey

Here are a few tips to help you draft questions for your next employee experience survey:

  • Ask simple and straightforward questions to prevent confusion
  • Avoid using technical business jargon
  • Ask questions only about those areas that you can adjust or improve in the organization
  • Avoid leading and biased questions as they can impact employee response - stay as neutral as possible
  • Use neutral and straightforward language that is easily understandable by all those filling out the survey
  • Use a mix of open-ended and objective questions and achieve the right balance between the two
  • Ask one question at a time and avoid branching questions to ensure clarity on the part of the respondent
  • Ensure anonymity to encourage honest responses from your employees

To help you start creating the survey, we have rounded up a list of basic and essential employee satisfaction survey questions that you can consider including in yours.

  1. Do you find your work/ job meaningful?
  2. Do you have a clear understanding of the objectives of the company?
  3. Are you able to connect with your coworkers?
  4. Do you feel valued and appreciated for your contributions towards the company?
  5. What is your ideal workplace regarding culture, environment, and management?
  6. Do you feel motivated, dedicated, and empowered at work?
  7. Are you clear about your roles and responsibilities?
  8. How often do you feel stressed or burned out at work in a typical week?
  9. Are you comfortable asking for help from your supervisor/ manager?
  10. Do you see yourself working with this company for the next five years?
  11. Does your work challenge and motivate you to do better?
  12. Do you feel your supervisor/ manager values your opinion and takes it seriously?
  13. How open do you think the company is to change?
  14. When faced with a work-related issue, do you know who to contact for help?
  15. Do you see opportunities for growth or career advancement in the company?
  16. Do you feel you have the right work-life balance at the company?
  17. Does your job utilize your abilities and skills as well as it should?
  18. Do you think the company has fair monetary and promotion policies in place?
  19. Is the workplace equipped with all the necessary tools, materials, and resources you need to complete your daily tasks?
  20. Would you recommend the company to your friends and family?
  21. Do you think your manager treats all employees equally?
  22. Do you feel respected at the workplace?
  23. Have you ever felt or experienced discrimination by your superiors?
  24. Do you think the company has open and transparent lines of communication?
  25. How can we create a more inclusive and better work environment within the company?

Final Word 

These are just a few of the many employee experience survey questions you can choose or take inspiration from when drafting one for your company.

Note that the list isn’t exhaustive - some questions may sit well with you, and some may not. Ultimately, it’s up to you to ask standardized survey questions or customize them according to your company’s specific needs and requirements, workplace culture, and your particular goals and objectives. 

Regardless of the questions you include in your employee satisfaction survey, the important thing to remember is to conduct these surveys at least once a year to measure the levels of employee satisfaction in your workforce so that you can take effective actions accordingly.


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