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Five for Friday: Employee recognition
Illustration by Justin Alm

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Five for Friday: Employee recognition

Five for Friday is a weekly snapshot of ideas, research, and leading thinking around the web. This week we focus on employee recognition.

Earlier this year we completed some research that shed light on the fact that employee recognition programs don’t always work as well as leadership thinks they do. So, what does work well? Surprisingly, we couldn't find much current content on this topic. We saw this information gap as an opportunity to review what's been said in the past about employee recognition and compare it to what we're seeing now.

  1. In the most current article we found, @Globoforce looks at the value of social recognition.
  2. About a year earlier, @WillYakowicz discussed the ROI of good employee recognition based on its impact on engagement and employee retention.
  3. ‪@MeghanMBiro‪ explained that timeliness and context matter. This is about three years old, and seemed to capture the prevailing leading practices at that point.
  4. @jeff_haden explains expected and predictable gifts and rewards aren’t as impactful as unexpected and heartfelt gestures. This is aligned with one of our favorite authors on the subject of motivation, @DanielPink, who has shown that working for a specific monetary reward actually diminishes performance. Yes.
  5. Or, as suggested by forthcoming research from @BlessingWhite, perhaps employee recognition is really part of a coaching orientation for both managers and employees.


Five for Friday is a weekly snapshot of ideas, research, and leading thinking around the web on the topics of corporate culture, internal communication, employee engagement, teamwork, and building better workplaces. Share, connect, and enjoy!

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Bev Attfield

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