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About Shawn Murphy

Shawn Murphy serves as CEO of WorqIQ, formerly Switch and Shift, an organization that helps leaders transform the experience of work to be energizing and optimistic. The goal is to help employees and the organization achieve greater levels of success while creating a great place to work. You can read Shawn’s weekly column, Positive Business, on Inc.com. His debut book, The Optimistic Workplace: Creating an Environment that Energizes Everyone, is out now. Shawn is a contributor to the Jostle blog.

Empowering middle managers is central to employee engagement

By Shawn Murphy | 4 min read
Middle managers can have the largest impact on employee engagement. Find out how you can support them. 

7 Culture Elements for Doing Work That Matters

By Shawn Murphy | 3 min read
That sucking sound you hear is that of hearts and souls being drained of life as employees arrive to work. It’s been this way for sometime: arrive to work, jump on the hamster wheel and run from one life taking meeting to another.

Bringing Back Optimism to the Workplace

By Shawn Murphy | 2 min read
by Shawn Murphy

Has your workplace lost it's 'mojo'? Does it seem like ages ago since you last saw positivity in the eyes of your employees?


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