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8 ways to completely destroy your company culture

By Kelly Batke | 2 min read
For most leaders, strong workplace culture is a no-brainer. You treat employees with respect and you inspire others. But some leaders just want to watch the world burn. This article is for them.

Jostle Selected to Present at Canadian Financing Forum

By Kelly Batke | 1 min read

What is the Canadian Financing Forum?


6 Ways Your Intranet Can Help You Celebrate Valentine’s Day

By Kelly Batke | 2 min read

Like it or not, most of us spend more time with coworkers than with the ones we truly love.

And since we are spending all this time together, we might as well make the best of it. No, I am not suggesting you engage in inappropriate office behavior (although an estimated 40% of relationships actually do start in the workplace).

But today is a perfect opportunity to reach out, connect, and show your kinder side in the workplace. After all, it is only one day, so what’s the worst that could happen?

Here are a few ways to use your intranet on Valentine’s Day to help spread the employee love:

1. “Like” your colleague's posts

Most social intranets have capabilities to like employee comments and posts. So use this opportunity to let colleagues know you read what they post, and/or that you like it. Our Jostle intranet actually has a heart built in, and not just for Valentine’s Day.

2. Shout-out and acknowledge the work you appreciate and admire

Does your intranet have employee recognition features? If so, use them to your advantage. If an employee has done something remarkable, (or maybe since it’s Valentine’s Day it can even be mediocre), let them know. If this feels weird to you it’s probably because you don’t do it enough. So let this be a habit you continue.

3. Did you bake something? Post it.

Everyone loves Valentine baking. Even those who usually whine “It’s fattening, or I don’t eat gluten.” So upload a picture of the cookies you made last night and let everyone know where they are.

4. Share a list of romantic restaurants

Someone in your office is probably freaking out about where to go for dinner. Or maybe they don't know where to buy flowers. If you have an inside scoop, like a last minute Groupon, share it with others.

5. Try a poll

Assuming your intranet has poll features, it's a simple way to engage employees. “Valentines day is a) romantic b) fun, or c) stupid” or “Should I give my wife jewelry or clothes?” People love polls, so give them something interesting to vote on.

6. Organize a competition

Hold a baking competition, or maybe a Valentine’s Day card making competition. Upload pictures to your intranet and let your employees vote. Don’t forget to post an update when the winner is announced!

One final word of caution, don’t use your intranet to cross any lines or make anyone feel uncomfortable. In other words it's not a good idea to use your intranet to stalk a colleague or proclaim your love.



Why Your Meetings Are a Snoozefest, And What You Can Do About It

By Kelly Batke | 1 min read

You spent all night working on a snazzy PowerPoint presentation that you were sure would knock the socks of your colleagues. You had cool images, snazzy animations, and the data speaks for itself, right? Apparently not, since minutes later most of the attendees were reaching for their mobile devices and checking email.


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