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Kiwi Release 🥝

Released on 2019 Aug 30

What’s new

  • Tasks
    Tasks is here to help you simplify your workload and get more things done! Use it to assign, track, and collaborate on small, work-related tasks and manage personal reminders.

    Want to see some of the ways you can use Tasks? Check out this blog post.



    Tasks is automatically included for customers on the Complete subscription plan (or as an add-on for Essentials customers).

    System Administrators can manually disable Tasks in Administration settings > Platform > Enabled/Disabled features.

Who can do this: all users in orgs with Tasks enabled

  • Tasks: Due date reminders
    With the Tasks full release comes another new feature: automatic reminder emails to let you know when you have tasks that are due that day, as well as any that are coming up.

    Who can do this: all users in orgs with Tasks enabled

  • OneDrive/Library integration: updated and available for all
    You can now upload folders (including subfolders) to a OneDrive-integrated Library by dragging them from their hard drive location and dropping them into an open Volume in the Library.

    With this update, OneDrive integration (which includes the ability to create new Office 365 items right from your Library) is now available for all customers who'd like to switch over (or as an add-on for Essentials customers).

    Who can do this: users with a OneDrive-integrated Library    

  • Mobile: alphanumeric sorting in List Selector

    It's now easier to manage your custom lists when using the mobile app, as List Selector now displays everyone you add in alphanumeric order.

    Who can do this: all mobile app users

    PLUS  73 other bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.

Did you know that people confuse "kiwi" all the time by thinking it's the name of a fruit? "Kiwi" is actually the name of a small, flightless bird native to New Zealand (and also: a nickname for a native New Zealander). The proper name for the kiwi that is a fruit however is...well, basically just that: kiwifruit.

My own kiwi-confusion came in another form altogether. When I was a little kid, my aunt made a dessert with kiwi in it and I refused to try it. Because at the time, the only kiwi I knew of was something my dad used - Kiwi Shoe Polish. And I was not about to dig into any Shoe Polish Pie, thank you very much.