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Meet Tasks: not just another to-do list in your intranet

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Meet Tasks: not just another to-do list in your intranet

Your intranet should simplify your work life, which is why we built Tasks.

You just spotted a document in your intranet that needs to be updated, so you copy the link, toggle over to your to-do list app, and set yourself a reminder. But wait, you forgot the document’s title, so you check that, and then edit your reminder.

Once that’s done, you’re distracted and forgot what you actually needed to do.

Sounds familiar?

That’s why we created Tasks. So you can quickly set follow-ups for you and your team - all right within your intranet. In a couple of clicks.

Get work done in your intranet

Imagine that you see an Activity update reminding you that your company’s Halloween Contest is this week, but your team hasn’t picked a prize-worthy theme yet!

Instead of switching to another tool, you can simply start a new task while you’re in your News view, add your team as collaborators, then head over to Events to attach the Halloween Contest details to the task, all without leaving your task draft or your intranet.

You can easily create a task for you and your team within your intranet.

You can also use Tasks to track progress details. Once you’re done your part of a task, you can re-assign it to the next person, and all the details and ownership changes will be tracked in the task’s timeline. This means no more back-and-forth about who did what, and when.

No more forgetting about follow-ups

Has your team ever brainstormed super creative ideas in a team chat, only for those ideas to vanish under a pile of other priorities?

Now you can immediately create a task from a Discussions comment, so you’ll never let a great idea slip away.

Create a task from Discussions

Create a task directly from a Discussions comment so nothing gets forgotten.

Don’t let interruptions throw off your groove

Sometimes a new document is posted or updated in Library, and while you need to review it, it’s not urgent enough to immediately complete.

Rather than letting it interrupt your work or risk forgetting about it, you can create a task for yourself to come back to it at a better time.

Create a task from Library

Create a task for yourself from a Library item to review it later.

This also applies to tasks on other platforms. For example, you may have a ticket on Jira or a report in Salesforce that needs your attention later. You can create a task for yourself to come back to it at a more convenient time, and include a link so you know specifically what to refer to. Tasks can centrally organize all your to-do’s on other platforms so nothing gets lost or forgotten.

Keep priorities out of your email black hole

When you open up your email first thing in the morning, it probably resembles a black hole that sucks the productivity out of your day. Important messages and requests can get lost in the myriad of junk mail and newsletters.

Now you can keep your top priority to-do list in your intranet, and be notified immediately when someone adds you to a task. You’ll never accidentally miss a coworker’s request again.

Tasks Chrome notification

Tasks iOS notification

When somebody assigns or mentions you in a task, you can receive desktop and mobile notifications so you don’t miss them.

Your intranet should simplify your work life, and Tasks allows you to quickly create and centralize your tasks. Use it to keep track of your priorities and follow-up updates.

More of a visual learner? Watch this quick video of Tasks.


Michelle Su

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