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Discussions in action


Previously, we shared some of the useful and inventive ways in which your organization could be utilizing your Jostle platform’s Discussions feature. Now, we’re going to take that one step further and see how they look in action.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite Discussion use cases sent in by our customers and separated them into similar categories. Some are real-life versions of scenarios detailed in our previous article, while others are as unique as the organizations behind them.

So, let’s get to it!

Help & Support

A lot of our customers have set up a Discussion that offers some kind of assistance, whether it’s to provide help to people new to navigating their platform or to troubleshoot software errors. But one example we really liked was from Consumers Credit Union (CCU)

They’ve made a Discussion that’s an extension of their Employee Help Desk, where anyone can ask or answer questions. Their training team reviews the Discussion for common questions and answers and then uses that data to inform what content they add to their new hire training program or other development opportunities. It’s a win-win situation!

Ideas & Tips

Sometimes you have an issue for which there’s no simple, single answer or for which you could benefit from the knowledge of others to figure out. Two of our customers have created Discussions that help their people deal with such situations. 

Brandywine Center for Autism has created Discussions where people can ask their colleagues for tips and tricks on solving issues related to their specific roles or functions. Similarly, Ashtons Legal uses Discussions as a way to crowdsource ideas when dealing with tricky technical legal points. With everyone chipping in their ideas to one thread, they can view everyone’s suggestions in one place instead of having to sift through countless emails.


At its core, a discussion is a conversation with two or more people about a certain topic. So it only makes sense that Discussions be used to facilitate such discussions, right? Here at Jostle, our CEO Brad Palmer seems to think so, as he has created his own Q&A thread. With “Ask Brad Anything” any Jostle employee can literally ask him anything—about our product, workplace topics, business plans/goals, and so on. And Brad responds to them all, helping to provide clarity and an increased understanding for everyone.

In that same vein, BluEarth Renewables Inc. uses Discussions as a way for employees to submit questions they’d liked asked during their Town Hall meetings. Doing this via Discussions ensures that everyone gets a chance to contribute, even those who are in remote locations.

And on a similar note, Century Group regularly posts their staff meeting notes in a Discussion and then they open the floor to anyone who may have questions or concerns about anything covered in the meetings.

Suggestions & Feedback

Further to the ideas above, some of our customers use Discussions as a way to engage everyone and allow them to provide input on matters relating directly to their workplace or company.

For example, Woodland Trust has created a Discussion where people can suggest types of content they’d like to see more of on their platform or what they think needs to be improved, while Brandywine Center for Autism has opened up a Discussion where people can suggest the types of training or events they would like to see offered in the future.

Informative & Vital Updates

Sometimes the need for Discussions becomes greater than we can imagine, and the ways it's utilized can have a great impact.

Australia’s Trust For Nature recognized this when they used Discussions to help provide real-time information to their workers during the recent Australian wildfires. And here at Jostle, we’ve created a Discussion dedicated to providing COVID-related business, economic, and health news and updates to ensure everyone keeps informed during these times.

And that concludes our look at some of the real-life use cases of Discussions. We hope that they’ve helped provide you with some Discussions inspiration of your own! And if your organization is already using Discussions in a unique and interesting way, let us know—we’d love to hear from you!