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8 reasons why Jostle is different

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8 reasons why Jostle is different

Learn how Jostle is different from other intranets.

Our platform has a greater impact on organizations, and their employee participation levels, than other intranets.

This is because we:


1. View the purpose of an intranet differently.

Jostle started with the idea of helping employees engage and leaders lead. Others build content repositories or attempt to impose social. Instead, we help you connect your employees, live your culture, and make communication happen.

2. Build your intranet so you don’t have to. 

Most organizations don’t have the skills to design or the time to build an intranet. That’s why we provide a clear information architecture and lock down the same simple navigation for every customer. Implementation is easy—there’s no configuration to consider, no widgets to assemble, and no need to wait for IT.


3. Know stale information kills intranets. 

Many intranets are wastelands of outdated and cluttered information with nobody there. Our intranet avoids this by providing clear content ownership and enabling subject matter experts to keep things fresh. Employees frequently come back to our intranet because it’s engaging and purposeful.


4. Prevent information silos.

Other intranets make employees hunt through hundreds of isolated pages containing information that isn’t relevant to them. This leads to frustration, confusion, and ultimately, low participation. Our intranet has just eight pages, each with a specific function that makes information clear and accessible. It’s easy to navigate and quick to understand.


5. Understand users thrive on relevant content. 

We make it easy to target information, so each user only sees what’s important to them. Anything from news stories and discussions to critical documents can be shared with a specific individual or group—or across the company if you choose.


6. Keep things noise-free. 

People are busy at work and have no tolerance for noise. Yet many platforms create lots of noise with distractions and redundancy, or because they think social streams are an effective way to engage employees. Our intranet is simply part of work, with purposeful notifications under the control of each user.


7. Connect everyone with more than instant messaging. 

Chat alone is not the right tool to share a workplace story, roll out an initiative, or announce a company event. We provide a complete suite of internal communications tools for individual, team, and organization-wide messaging.


8. Make it easy to be involved.

 Getting employees to engage is the hardest part of any intranet deployment. Our people-centric interface and seamless mobile experience make it easy to participate and stay connected regardless of position, location, or role. We help you get to know each other, celebrate your successes, and recognize one another.

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