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The key to intranet success for any organization

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The key to intranet success for any organization

How wildly different companies can enjoy intranet success by putting people and their workplace needs first.

It’s no secret. Companies struggle to deploy intranets, particularly the new “social” variety also known as enterprise social networks. Upwards of 80% of social intranet initiatives fail. That’s daunting for business leaders considering a new or revamped intranet. So, what’s the key to intranet success, regardless of business type, size, structure or industry?

The answer lies not in the technology, but in the people who’ll use it. When people are at work, five basic human needs must be met. Strict boss, no boss, or many bosses, each work day every person needs to feel that they matter, belong, are enabled, can contribute, and are respected. When all five needs are met, a person feels like a key part of a connected organization that’s accomplishing things together. They’re truly engaged.


Interestingly, there’s no requirement to become a “social” organization to fulfill these needs. Given the right environment, humans are inherently collaborative—we’ve evolved to work in teams and share purpose. With people at the core, organizations are naturally social places. An effective intranet will facilitate rather than impose this socialization.

An effective intranet also makes it easy for organizations to reflect their culture and structure, while satisfying the needs of their people at work. The Jostle® platform was designed from the ground up to help organizations address the five human needs in the workplace.

The success of Jostle’s broad gamut of customers proves the true universality of these five needs. Jostle has highly successful customers across a wide range of management styles, from new-age ‘leaderless’, to traditional top-down, to self-managed cooperatives. Some are complex and matrixed, while others are franchised and dispersed. The diversity is amazing.

When measured across all Jostle customers, employee participation is over 85%. Even more exciting is that Jostle is achieving these unheard of user engagement rates (over 5X industry norms) across a wide variety of industries. Our customers span 23 market sectors, our users are in 159 countries, and their companies range from 10 to 10,000 employees.

If you’re thinking about new intranet software or replacing an existing one, choose a solution that can meet the real workplace needs of individual employees in your organization. With people and their needs as your starting point, you’ll avoid the pitfalls of the superfluous social intranets that deliver little more than noise. Don’t simply add another tool to your workplace – unlock the power of your people with a needs driven intranet to build a connected and vibrant organization.

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Bev Attfield

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