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The Diary turns a new page

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The Diary turns a new page

The Diary Corporation is scaling their organization, revamping their communications, and streamlining their operations with the help of Jostle.

For a healthcare software startup like The Diary Corporation (The Diary), having an intranet platform as agile as the company was paramount. The Diary helps people gather and own their personal medical records while also helping healthcare providers manage high-quality ongoing care for their patients more effectively.

The organization operates according to the philosophy of self-managed, non-hierarchical teams. Their self-managed operational style meant that they needed a way to streamline the decision making process across their stakeholders in different locations in a very transparent way. Having a tool to enable effective communication and seamless collaboration was therefore at the top of their priority list.

Though The Diary’s operational headquarters are in the US, the organization has several remote operations in New Zealand, Australia, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Argentina, and Japan. With so many offices and employees around the world, The Diary needed a platform that would:

  •  allow them to form and re-form teams on demand
  • enable them to search for and communicate with employees around the world
  • be universally accessible and simple to use
  • deliver their cross-company communications in a way that their existing Office 365 infrastructure could not

“We needed a robust tool that was people and team oriented, and that was probably the biggest selling point when we looked at the Jostle® intranet,” says Stephen Michael, Operations Director, Care Management at The Diary. “We can set up teams whenever we need to, and we can change those teams very quickly.”

The biggest impact the Jostle platform (nicknamed “The Hub”) has had on The Diary is saving time and increasing communications efficiency. “Since we’ve implemented The Hub, we’ve reduced the need for each person to be in large meetings of up to 20 hours a week during crunch times, to about 3 hours,” said Hamish MacDonald, CEO. That’s a difference of 17 hours per employee. A bit of simple math shows that The Hub is currently saving The Diary over 500 hours of frustrating meeting time per week. Pretty amazing stuff.

The Diary’s vision, talent, and enhanced agility mean that they’ve been able to capitalize on some great opportunities. We’re proud to be their intranet of choice. Read on in this case study to learn more about how the Jostle intranet has become The Diary’s system of record for all dialog in the company that affects high-level business strategy, as well as day-to-day interactions throughout this fast-growing business.  


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Bev Attfield

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