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RSI EnTech, LLC (RSI) launches intranet for lasting success

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RSI EnTech, LLC (RSI) launches intranet for lasting success

RSI launched their intranet with a bang. Here's how.

Launching a new piece of company-wide technology is tricky at the best of times. Launching it to a multi-office firm with locations in four different states? That brings another layer of complexity.  

RSI EnTech, LLC. (RSI) tackled this challenge in July 2016, when they rolled out the Jostle® intranet. Their diligent approach and wonderful results saw them win first place in the Best Launch category of the 2016 Jostle Awards.

Here’s what RSI did:

  • Built buzz for the launch. This included sending out teasers in their company newsletters, hanging signs in their offices, and creating fun videos to promote the values of their new intranet.
  • Planned carefully. RSI created a planning committee, who planned four launch parties that were unique to each location.
  • Celebrated big! Every event was both celebratory and educational. Jostle is all about communicating, so RSI wanted these events to be an opportunity for everyone to connect. The planning committee also gave employees some introductory information to get started on the platform.

If you want to find out more about RSI’s successful intranet launch, check out the full story here.

"The Jostle platform has been a great way for our company to stay connected. From Shout-Outs to being able to put a face to a name, it enables us all to be engaged in the company’s happenings.”
Stephanie Windsor Slosser
HR & Communications Specialist

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