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Per Scholas is changing lives from the inside out

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Per Scholas is changing lives from the inside out

How Jostle is helping Per Scholas, a US-based nonprofit committed to changing lives daily, bring together and empower their multi-city operation.

When your operation spans six locations and five states, maintaining steady communication, collaboration, and connectedness throughout your organization can become a challenge. This was the case for Per Scholas, a US-based nonprofit on a mission to change lives by providing rigorous and tuition-free technology training and professional development to people who are unemployed or in low-wage jobs.

After trying out a custom-built, content-centric intranet platform for six months, the management team at Per Scholas was concerned with low levels of employee engagement and a lack of a consistent corporate culture throughout the organization. Their first intranet platform became more of a content repository than anything else. They needed a change.

Per Scholas wanted something that all employees could use right away to achieve their goals of collaboration, communication, and community. They wanted a tool they could begin using with minimal implementation efforts from the IT department. After comparing different options, they were drawn to the collaborative and turnkey aspects of Jostle’s People Engagement® platform.

Soon after launching their new intranet, Per Scholas’ employees felt the impact the platform was having on their interactions and organization as a whole. Within a few weeks, a dynamic and engaging collaborative hub was already helping the full organization. What at one time felt like a New York-based organization, now felt like a truly national not-for-profit with six locations, each with their own exciting contributions and ideas.

For the first time, it really felt as though every employee at Per Scholas had their own voice, which contributed to a positive and unified corporate culture. Read on in this case study to learn more about how the Jostle® intranet has helped this incredible organization achieve their goals and more.


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Andrea Nazarian

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