Everyone has a part to play in DE&I says Vivian Acquah

By Bev Attfield

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Everyone has a part to play in DE&I says Vivian Acquah

If I were to ask you “Who’s responsible for diversity and inclusion in your workplace?”, what would your answer be? Unfortunately many of us would answer “Human Resources” or some other executive function. 

That’s because DE&I has historically been viewed as a policy issue; something for management to write down in a handbook or a check box to check.

Having been at the receiving end of exclusion, discrimination, and tokenism based on ethnicity and gender, Vivian Acquah says we need to change this carriage of responsibility. 

DE&I isn’t something to do, it’s something to feel. And that responsibility and opportunity rests with every employee. 

In this heartfelt episode of People at Work, Vivian shares her motivation for making a tremendous career shift and devotion to more inclusive workplaces. We don’t need policies to improve DE&I at work, we can start by changing our own minds and behaviours.

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“DE&I is everybody’s responsibility. It’s not solely on HR.”

Vivian Acquah

Workplace Wellness Advocate, Viva la Vive


Vivian Acquah is a workplace wellness and an Amplify DEI advocate. She advises organizations on achieving sustainable employability in a holistic way, including element diversity, equity, and inclusion. The coolest thing Vivian has ever accomplished is creating a healthy cooking show for TV “Cooking Back To Our Roots”.

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