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Learning how to hybrid work with Vicki Yang

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Learning how to hybrid work with Vicki Yang

In this episode of People at Work, Vicki Yang joins us to talk about enhancing hybrid work at Bonusly.

You’re sailing on choppy seas, and building your boat as you go. That’s the vivid picture that Vicki Yang paints about tackling how to do hybrid work. 

It really emphasizes the situation most of us are in if we’ve chosen hybrid mode. We don’t have the answers, we don’t know what will work, and we’ve got to try something and see if it takes us forward.

On the latest episode of People at Work Vicki chats about what Bonusly is doing to build their boat. It’s a lot of trial and error, but three things are key: understand what individuals need and want, document everything to keep things clear for all, and stay as flexible as possible. 

Hear about this and much more with Vicki’s generous sharing so that we can learn and adapt too.

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“We document as much as we can and make it easy to find, so that benefits everyone no matter where they are.”

Vicki Yang

VP, People Operations, Bonusly


A people leader who leads by helping build up people through coaching on matters relating to performance management, org development, recognition, and engagement. An avid reader, with current favourite reads: The Making of a Manager, Just Work, and Eloquent Rage.


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