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Own your management mess says Scott Miller

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Own your management mess says Scott Miller

Self-professed serial mess-maker, Scott Miller contends that owning your mess is the first step to leadership success.

You’re a mess. Your boss is a mess. Your co-worker two desks down is definitely a mess. It’s safe to say everyone’s a mess. We all make mistakes, take on too many things, forget many more, avoid those hard conversations… you know what I mean. But frankly, it’s not helping anyone. So, what if we could turn our mess into success?

Self-professed serial mess-maker, Scott Miller, has spent 50 of his 51 years working up to his realization that owning your mess is the first step to leadership success. That’s why he decided to write his new book “Management Mess to Leadership Success” which outlines 30 challenges to help each of us own our messes and become an inspiring and confident leader in the process.

The book, like Scott, is honest, relatable, authentic, courageous, and funny. Scott is today’s guest on People at Work and I had the opportunity to hear first-hand about the importance of owning your mess and creating the conditions for others to do so too. You’ll want to get your hands dirty with this one, and please share in the comments below if you’ve got any of your own mess to success stories!

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“As a leader when you can own your mess—which takes self awareness, knowing your blind spots, being vulnerable, being confident, and having humility—then you give permission for everybody else to own theirs and move from mess to success.”

Tae Hea headshotScott Miller, Executive Vice President of Thought Leadership, FranklinCovey


Scott is Executive Vice President of Thought Leadership at FranklinCovey, author, host of the “On Leadership with Scott Miller” podcast, and column contributor to Inc.com and Arriana Huffington’s Thrive Global. He was the youngest invitee to the 1988 Presidential Inauguration. 

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His books include:

Management Mess to Leadership Success

Everyone Deserves a Great Manager

Resources cited

How will you measure your life? by Karen Dillon and Clayton M. Christensen 

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