Curiosity is the foundation for workplace culture with Robin Barone

By Bev Attfield

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Curiosity is the foundation for workplace culture with Robin Barone

Observe a group of children being curious and you’ll see joy, engagement, experimentation, and more on display. That’s because they’re free to try new things, make mistakes, and learn to trust what others have to say and do.

Robin Barone saw a parallel between child-like curiosity and the ingredients for a healthy and vibrant place of work. Pivoting from children’s book author to workplace consultant, she now teaches leaders how to use curiosity to build workplace culture.

For Robin, there are two distinct buckets of workplace cultures: those that embrace curiosity and those that don’t. Those that do, use curiosity to make the uncomfortable more comfortable, and she believes that we get there by building trust.

Listen in to hear Robin’s take on how else curiosity can help workplaces and people in them perform at their best. We can all aspire to bring more childlike wonder into work! Even better if it builds trust and helps us relate better with others.

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“Use curiosity to constantly build trust with other people.”

Robin Barone

Founder, Diplomat Books


Robin Barone is an educator, writer, and traveler who has visited over 60 countries and lived abroad. Prior to founding Diplomat Books, Ms. Barone worked in finance where she was known for her ability to formulate win-win solutions. 

When travel becomes safe again, Robin hopes to travel to Armenia, Portugal, Columbia, and Tanzania.


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