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The human story is the heart of workplace culture feat. Naomi Shah

By Bev Attfield

3 min read

The human story is the heart of workplace culture feat. Naomi Shah

A business that tells lighthearted romantic stories for a living must have a distinct advantage: storytelling. At Meet Cute this couldn’t be more true.

CEO Naomi Shah joined me on People at Work to talk about why the human story of every person at Meet Cute is critical to their culture. From the very beginning Naomi wanted to build an organization based on human connection and care, starting with each individual’s needs and circumstances.

But, actions speak louder than words (or stories). For Naomi and her team, it’s crucial that the lived experience actually supports her beliefs about what people need to thrive at work. 

Even though Meet Cute exists in a traditionally unforgiving environment with deadlines and demands, Naomi emphasizes the mental health and wellness of every person. Examples of real actions to support this include mental health days, work “love” language that declares working styles and preferences, and being open and supportive of therapy blocks in calendars.

Naomi generously gets into details of this and more in our time together. This is a refreshing conversation for leaders everywhere, especially those who are currently trying to make a distributed model work while keeping people and their wellbeing front and centre.

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“There’s intention behind our culture.”

Naomi Shah

Founder & CEO, Meet Cute


Naomi Shah is the founder + CEO of Meet Cute, a venture-backed media company that has produced over 300 original light-hearted romantic comedies in podcast form. In high school, Naomi won the Inaugural Google Science Fair at the age of 16 and did a TEDtalk about her research, and placed 1st at the Intel Science Fair four years in a row.

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