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We need more from business and it starts with listening says Kevin Hancock

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We need more from business and it starts with listening says Kevin Hancock

In this episode of People at Work, Kevin Hancock joins us to talk about helping people find their voice and making the world better one person at a time.

Imagine you’re a craftsperson who loses the one tool needed to excel at your profession. It’d be potentially devastating and you’d be forced to adapt or quit. That’s what happened to Kevin Hancock. Except he lost his ability to speak, his most powerful tool as CEO of his company.

This set in motion a series of events that caused Kevin to pause and reflect. He became acutely aware of how it literally feels to lose one’s voice. He began to think about what that might feel like figuratively for many who don’t have a voice in society or at work.

Kevin decided he could have a positive impact in two areas: changing his own business to respect and honour all the voices there; and bring his story and ideas to a broader audience capable of shifting business to a higher purpose.

He shares how he has pursued this in our podcast interview for People at Work. For his own business, the benefits have been felt in tremendous levels of employee engagement and satisfaction, not to mention profits. On the grander scale, he’s quietly yet forcefully showing how to be a voice for good.

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“Work cultures should be driven by a respect and honoring of all the voices in the company.”

Kevin Hancock

CEO, Hancock Lumber


Kevin Hancock is an award-winning author, speaker, and CEO. His business operates retail stores, grows trees, and has received many accolades including six “Best Places to Work in Maine” awards. Outside of business, Kevin has published two books and is a frequent visitor to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. He lives in Maine with his wife Alison.

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