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The value of aligning values with Josh Mathias

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The value of aligning values with Josh Mathias

In this episode of People at Work, Josh Mathias joins us to talk about becoming a new leader and the lessons it taught him about hiring, culture, and more.

There are always some bumpy times when a company is growing quickly. Usually the problem boils down to either the wrong people, the wrong processes, or both. If you have a capable person who just isn’t compatible with your organization and becomes disgruntled then you run the risk of that spreading to other employees. On the other hand, if you drown intelligent, creative people in strict processes you could be hurting their ability to make positive change in the organization. 

It’s all a tricky balance and it’s why growing a company isn’t easy.

In this episode, I had a chat with Josh Mathias about why hiring people whose values are aligned with your company’s values is more important than their skill set, and how important it is to make sure processes don’t limit the creativity and capability of your people. Give it a listen to learn some of the lessons he learned along the way as he grew from laborer to Managing Director at The Hythe Group.

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“Skill set is secondary to me because you can train people up, but you need them to fit with your values.”

Josh Mathias

Managing Director, The Hythe Group


Josh Mathias is MD of The Hythe Group. He joined the company aged 22 as a labourer and took a break so he could return in a commercial role. Josh loves cooking - particularly outdoors, which is lucky because—until todayindoor dining hadn’t been allowed in the UK for months! He likes to cook anything that’s challenging.

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