Transform with conversational coaching says Dr. Marcia Reynolds

By Bev Attfield

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Transform with conversational coaching says Dr. Marcia Reynolds

When was the last time you gave someone advice? It’s easy to fall into that trap because we feel like we’re helping.

But Dr. Marcia Reynolds argues this doesn’t help at all. If we truly want to support someone’s growth and development, we need to stop transacting with advice, and start transforming with coaching.

In particular, we should employ conversational coaching. Here the emphasis is on helping others understand what they know, through considered and safe conversation. This requires vulnerability, trust, and curiosity. The result is sustainable change, not quick fixes of surface irritants.

Conversation implies dialog. The next time you arrive at a coaching moment with someone, check to see who’s doing most of the talking. If it’s you, back up. That’s just one suggestion from Dr. Reynolds. In the podcast, she talks through how to make the most of your coaching conversations, and see long-term change take root.

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“You create long-term behavioral change through conversations.”

Dr. Marcia Reynolds

President, Covisioning


Dr. Marcia Reynolds is an award-winning author and world-renowned expert on how leaders inspire change through conversations. Her books include Wander Woman; Outsmart Your Brain; The Discomfort Zone; and her latest, Coach the Person, Not the Problem.

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Coach the Person, Not the Problem


Bev Attfield

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