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The pros and cons of taking the pledge of allegiance to your boss.

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The pros and cons of taking the pledge of allegiance to your boss.

Damian Birkel explains the three most important things to do while working remotely to increase your job security.

During these times of uncertainty, many people are finding themselves without the job security they once had. With this in mind, you may be searching for ways to highlight that you're a great employee to keep around. One way to do this is by showing your boss that you're focused both on your work, and on improving yourself professionally.

In this week's episode, Damian Birkel walks us through the three most important things you can do to increase your job security while working remotely:

       1) Keep your boss up to date on what you are working on while remote

       2) Schedule regular check-in meetings with your boss

       3) Grow your skills

Damian also discusses what he calls the "pledge of allegiance" to your boss and the pros and cons that come with it. This pledge of allegiance will show your boss that you are there to support them, and not undermine them.

We discuss these great tips, and so much more, so give this episode a listen!

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“You want your reputation to be one of integrity, hard work, and loyalty."

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Damian Birkel

Founder & Executive Director, Professionals In Transition


Damian Birkel is the Founder of Professionals In Transition Inc., a nationally recognized non-profit exclusively focused on the unemployed & under-employed. In this free time, Damian has been experimenting with hydroponic gardening. 



Website: https://www.jobsearching.org


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