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Cultivating culture through change

By Faye Wai

2 min read

Cultivating culture through change

It's no secret that workplace culture has undergone dramatic changes in the last couple of years, and is continuing to do so as we redefine what this means to us. In today's episode, we revisit our conversations with industry experts including doctors, founders, culture officers, and business owners.

Listen to how we can design organizational culture to lead change, what it means to build a welcoming culture that supports DEI initiatives, and how you can build a culture based on relationships and not fear.

We hear from founders, CEOs, and change management experts including:

Jason Richmond

Founder and Chief Culture Officer, Ideal Outcomes

Shayna Pond
President, Model Teaching

Dr. Steve Yacovelli
Owner and Principal, TopDog Learning Group

Dr. Grace Lee

CEO and Founder, Mastery Insights


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