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Thoughts on high growth culture with Candace Bajgoric

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Thoughts on high growth culture with Candace Bajgoric

In this episode of People at Work, Candace Bajgoric joins us to talk about her experience growing culture in a rapidly growing business.

Things are happening quickly at Dooly. With a recent $80 million Series B raise, they’re scaling most things in their business, not least of which their culture.

Candace Bajgoric is Head of People and Culture at Dooly, with a background of building and scaling companies and their workplace cultures in the tech space. This is complex work under normal circumstances. Throw in a global pandemic with forced remote work for all, and everything from hiring to onboarding to doing productive work together, becomes more challenging.

At Dooly, the key is being human-centric. Candace joined the People at Work podcast recently to talk about how they’re achieving this, even when they’re not face-to-face. She talks about:

  • Authentic and vulnerable leadership, where humility and openness starts from the top
  • The importance of employee storytelling to create connection and celebrate commonalities and uniqueness
  • Placing greater emphasis on what people actually want in their workplace and how that fits into their lives, rather than prescribing rules, perks, and quirks in your culture

Regardless of where you are in your culture-building journey, there’s a ton we can learn from Candace and her team of Dooligans. With additional pressures arriving due to the pandemic, such as greater demands for flexibility and more mobility in the workforce, companies like Dooly are showing how to keep ahead of change while looking after their people.

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“Keep an eye on what actually works for people and what space they want for things in their life.”

Candace Bajgoric

Head of People & Culture, Dooly


Candace is a down-to-earth, people-focused leader who has spent the past eight years working with emerging and growing companies in the tech space. In 2019/2020 she took a different (but also super fulfilling) people and culture role, spending the year traveling in Europe with her young family.


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