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There’s a recipe for happiness with Becky Morrison

By Bev Attfield

2 min read

There’s a recipe for happiness with Becky Morrison

Ask 100 people what happiness is, and you’ll likely get 100 different answers. But, as Becky Morrison tells us on this episode of People at Work, joy is the root of happiness for us all.

Your recipe for happiness relies on where your joy comes from. We maximize happiness when we do more of this, and less of the rest.

It’s not quite that simple though. Which is why Becky has created a framework to help tune into what matters, and then find that joy in every part of your life. 

In the context of work, employees and employers alike have something to learn from this conversation. If we build more joy into our workplaces, we create environments that welcome choice, diversity, and authenticity. 

Hear Becky’s thoughts on how to make joy a priority. Just imagine what this would look like if it works.

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“Maximum happiness is doing more of what matters to you and less of the rest.”

Becky Morrison

Happiness Coach, Untangle Happiness


Meet Becky Morrison. Lawyer turned Happiness Coach, book author, international speaker, and mom to two. Becky also comes from a basketball family – her husband is a basketball coach and both her kids play as well.

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