Changing perspective to be happier at work with Aoife O’Brien

By Bev Attfield

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Changing perspective to be happier at work with Aoife O’Brien

If the pandemic has afforded us anything, it’s a fresh perspective on a major part of our lives: work. Where we do it, how it’s measured, what we’re prepared to put up with, and how we expect bosses to behave (I could go on).

Happiness at work expert Aoife O’Brien advocates for a fresh perspective on work itself, and where it fits in our lives. With her research and personal work experiences, she believes we shouldn’t embrace work and life, work-life balance, or any other way to stitch those two parts together. 

Instead, let’s simply think about life, and all the parts and contributors in that experience. This helps us make smarter decisions about what we want from our lives, what success means to us, and how we choose to spend our time.

Listen in on how Aoife suggests we can achieve happiness when we adopt this mindset. We also talk about how organizations can make a shift to whole person support structures, and the role that individuals play in their own happiness, wherever they find themselves.

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“It’s not work and life. It’s just life.”

Aoife O’Brien

Founder, Happier at Work


Aoife O’Brien is a Happiness at Work expert. Her background is in data analytics in the CPG market research industry, and now she uses her strengths to help organisations to increase culture-fit to create happier working environments where employees flourish. Aoife has lived and worked in several countries and has travelled to all 7 continents, mostly independently, with camera in hand! 

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