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One Workplace goes from SharePoint to ‘on point’ with Jostle!

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One Workplace goes from SharePoint to ‘on point’ with Jostle!

One Workplace uses the Jostle intranet to enrich their company culture and streamline processes.

When you're in the business of helping other businesses become more efficient, keeping your own internal processes and communication streamlined is vital. One Workplace did this by ditching their clunky SharePoint intranet and rolling out the Jostle® platform. Their progress in internal communications and company culture has been outstanding.

"Our workplace intranet culture was dying in SharePoint. We needed a solution and fast!” 
Julie Jarvis
Executive Vice President

After struggling to meet their workplace communication needs with a SharePoint intranet, One Workplace went looking for a new solution. They identified five main problems to overcome with a new tool:

  • Better corporate communication
  • Stronger connections and relationships between employees
  • An effective organization chart
  • An easy way to search for information
  • A tool that worked well for remote workers

After researching the tools on the market, they chose the Jostle intranet. And they've seen outstanding results since launching it in 2016.

One Workplace now has a dynamic organization chart that clarifies their structure, a richer company culture, and employees have insight into what's happening across their organization

If you want the details on their resounding success, check out this case study

"The Jostle platform’s simplicity enables natural communication, allowing us to inspire people and transform organizations.”
Le Lu
Chief Information Officer

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